Welcome to Path Variable - online home of isaric

The purpose of this site is primarily to host my portfolio and as a space to introduce some of my interests linked together by the common thread of my work in the tech sector. These include topics like infrastructure and application stacks to varied domains of application such as home automation, e-commerce, telecommunications and surveillance. As such, part of the reason for its existence is to advertise to potential employers. The other is to serve as an outlet for some of my non-commercial projects and explorations.

The bio section lists some highlights from my education and career. My formal educational path has meandered quite a lot from a traditional perspective. However, I have never stopped being fascinated by the transformative power of technology over human society. That being said, it is important to note that humans are still behind the wheel and the same driving forces that have existed from the time the first cities were formed are still active today.

The projects section details some non-commercial activities I am involved in as well as providing links to some presentations and talks I have given in my career. Some of these talks are the product of my commercial consulting activities. They have been published with the permission of those organizations involved.

Under contacts and keys you can find the recommended channels through which you can reach me. I am open to discussing contracting opportunities or interesting open source projects. Please do not use these channels to market to me. Here you can also find a list of public GPG keys that I have used when pushing verified commits to various git repositories.

I hope you find the site interesting and the information relevant to the reason of your visit.


Ivan Šarić

Owner and developer

Path Variable